BIOGRAPHY - Victor Magnani

Born 1963 - Staten Island, New York

B.S. - Jazz Guitar, NYU, 1985

M.A. - Composition, NYU, 1991

Primary teachers :

Been playing professionally since 1979 (argghhh - that's a long time)

Did lots of bad gigs, some in good places (Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Center)

Decided bad gigs sucked, stopped doing bad gigs (mostly).

Played with SLOWBURN for a long time. This band was essentially me on guitar, Marty Rizek on bass, Mark Banfitch on drums and Lou Banfitch on vibes. Lots of other friends passed through, some coming and going, and then coming back again. Billy Gagliardi (sax) and Sylvester Scott (also sax) for the longest time. Russell Sottile (sax), for not so long. John Pennino on percussion for awhile. Then Ed Jackson on percussion for a long time. The band peaked with me, Marty, Mark, Lou, Billy, Sly, and Ed. You should have seen us cram all seven of us into places that couldn't hold more than a trio! Did lots or recordings (check out the SOUNDS page), most of which came out o.k. Our best stuff was always in our rehearsal room, with the lights off, when we would just play free.

Anyway, I kind of burned out with that band (probably didn't have as much to do with the band as with other stuff). So I decided to do more straight ahead jazz stuff, concentrate on trio playing. That led to the recording of "CHANGE MANAGEMENT".

Most recently I've been devoting much of my time to The Rivington Project, a cooperative group with George Coleman Jr on drums and Martin Rizek on bass. Out first CD "TRiP" has just come out and features tenor great Don Braden. You can visit our website at for sound clips.

I've also been teaching Jazz History at the College of Staten Island for the past 3 years. Something I've always wanted to do. I also try to work with guitar students at the college when time permits.

Other stuff:

I have a great daughter, Diana, now 12. I have some wonderful friends, many of whom I've known since I was 5. Great, supportive family, too. My day gig is as a Computer Systems Administrator. Fun, fun, fun. No real complaint, at present. Everythings hunky dory, for now. I'm super, thanks for asking!